Wednesday, February 20, 2013

after all

Spencer didn't have the money to bail out Bucky. Even if he did, he was sure he'd never hear the end of it from his brother or any of his friends.

Yes, they were right. He knew, but he felt a little guilty. After all, it was just a short visit with Bucky and by the look Bucky gave him, Spencer wasn't sure he could ever see him, again. He just couldn't give the world to Bucky.

There was the fact that he hadn't exactly been as faithful to Bucky as he'd planned. Or thought. And now he was at a loss for words. For anyone, in fact.

Yes, it was a miserable week or so after Bucky landed in jail, and Spencer had not heard from Connor, either. Well, he hadn't exactly checked his phone much. And he was beginning to think he was very poor now. More poor than he ever imagined.

Part of it was Bucky's fault. He ate a lot. Wanted a lot. And here Spencer was working at the nursing home mostly as the entertainment director. It wasn't like he was actually taking care of people. Still he was a people person. And they liked the way he played the piano. He knew old show tunes. He could even slow down the Justin Beiber tunes. Yes, this was his little happy world and there was thirty minutes of exercise five days a week. Still, it wasn't like he was making a big paycheck. And Bucky left a trail of bills behind.

This wasn't exactly much to offer Connor, anyway. And maybe it was best if he didn't hear from Connor. After all, he didn't want to be Bucky in someone elses life.

Still, it was a lot of empty to go home too. Maybe they could put him up at the nursing home.

Spencer had never felt so alone, as he did now. God knows, he'd been alone before. Actually, a big portion of his life. In fear of bullies, or just knowing he'd never be quite accepted for who he was, growing up. But he hadn't liked it then. He didn't like it now.

Just when his supper of bolonaga and Mircle Whip sandwich was just too much to eat, a tap came to the door. It was Em and Manny with Angie. They'd brought groceries. The fried chicken brought his appetite back.

"What's going on?" He couldn't think of a real holiday to celebrate.

"Oh, you didn't hear about Allie?" Em started the story about Allie in the kitchen, and Manny finished it with how Craig helped deliver the baby.

"A baby?" Spencer couldn't help but smile. "I didn't even know..."

"Neither, did she." Em's eyes were big as saucer. "Can you imagine..not even knowing you were pregnant."

"Wow." Spencer was flabbergasted.

"So, we're taking Angie for awhile...and..and we know..we could stay with you for awhile." Manny said. "We really don't have a room for her. I don't want to keep her in our room, and there is just the livingroom."

"And he keeps having nightmares that someone is going to break in, or something." Em rolled her eyes.

"The cops were there a couple of days ago at the apartment complex. There was a drug deal." Manny glared back.

"OK, there was." Em sighed.

"Yeah, I've got the room. I'll get some clean sheets." Spencer smiled. He wasn't alone. Somebody really did need him, after all.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to feel needed every now and again! :)

ellie said...

I'm glad he's not alone.

Sara Gerard said...

He needs to get his life in order, Bucky did some damage.

MOSAMUSE said...

yyummm fried chicken! very sweet