Sunday, February 10, 2013

and then

"Oh, shit." Todd let slip as he looked once again at the headline. Someone was in jail.

"Looks like this Bucky fellow had a few warrants out on him." He looked up at Lucy who was warming his coffee.

"Really?" She winced as if it were none of their business.

"He was arrested." Todd put the paper away. He guessed it was good idea he'd kept the subscription going even if Lucy hated to recycle them.

"Well, what will Spencer do?" She looked kind of stunned, but not really as she picked up his breakfast dish to put in the sink. She was in her satiny yellow robe.

"Hopefully, nothing." Todd kept even lipped as he grabbed the last piece of bacon. "Its so strange, how someone can go so long without even having the cops after them, and then happens."

"Someone must have informed the police." She guessed as she went to check on Lux who was busy with some blocks on the livingroom floor.

"And, I can imagine who." Todd took another sip of his coffee. He wasn't exactly dressed for work, and he honestly wasn't in the mood to start the snow plow up, either. It was a snow day at home as far as he was concerned. They could sit around and catch up on Seeking Love, the Korean drama that Lucy loved so much.

"Who?" She put Lux in her lap and started to comb her hair.

"His dear brother, of course." Todd put a stringy strand of hair behind his ear. "Keith, is an asshole." Todd scowled.

"Shut up." Lucy scolded back. They didn't need Lux picking up that word.

"Well, he is. I dunno how Benny puts up with it, you know." He got up to tend to the dishes in the sink.

"Keith was just concerned." Lucy sounded to be on Keith's side. "He just wanted what was best for Spence." She pulled Lux's thin blonde hair into two little ponytails. Lux fussed a bit.

"I suppose." Todd warmed the water in the faucet and went to work on the breakfast dishes. "Poor old Bucky. What will ever become of him?"


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope it works out for them all. :/

ellie said...

I hope Spence won't try to bail him out.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Bucky in the slammer. hmmmmm...

meg said...

OK..I feel a little sorry for him.

Chris Ed said...

I feed sorry for him! I like the new blog look! kisses chris

Sara Gerard said...

Geez, it was a good idea they got rid of him when they did!