Tuesday, February 12, 2013

owner of a lonely heart

Craig was sure Allie loved chocolate. He'd eyed the big heart shape box of candy for some time at work. He hated to see it go to waste like that. Sure, someone would spot a smaller one for a child or a teacher, but the big one was becoming more of a lonely heart, each day.

There were some days, he thought he might surprise Sarah with it. But he wasn't going to bribe her and he could just hear it now. She'd be all testy and then angry and tell him, he could never see baby Jake, again. It would be impossible.

Still he grabbed the box of chocolates and paid for them before he got off work. It was a good feeling, taking home a present.

He laid it down on the dining table. Allie was still fussing with oatmeal in the kitchen when he got home. She was in her black sweater dress along with her gray knitted winter stockings and chunky platform heels.

"Oh, I'm late. I must be late." He heard her say to no one in particular.

"I'm a little early." He finally said as if it were a promise that she'd get out the door on time.

"Manny just left with the baby." She told him she'd eat and run.

"I wouldn't run in this weather."It was cold and windy and icy. He shivered, hoping she'd see the present.

Finally, she saw the heart shaped box covered in a thin red wrap with a red bow.

"Who's this for?" She asked as she was stirring her quick oatmeal still.

"For you." He told her. Finally, he got out of his coat and stocking hat. "You've really been so nice to me. I know its not much. But.."

She looked at him a little peculiar. Like maybe, he meant to get her something to make her more fat than she already was. Now he wished he'd gotten her flowers. She looked at him so odd, but she said nothing.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

She looked as if she might vomit. Or just cry. She politely put down her cup of oatmeal.

Out of nowhere there was water. On the floor. Even around his shoes. He looked down, wondering where it the world was it coming from.

"Oh, God." She sounded as if it were the most awful thing in the world. When Craig looked at Allie, it finally donned on him the water was coming from her.


Linda said...

That was unexpected.

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Uh-oh. :/

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nice new header!