Thursday, February 14, 2013

a little louder now

Allie needed to think fast. There was no time. No time. And Craig was here. The last person who she wanted to see her this way.

She was having a baby.

Several swear words were under her breath. How could this be? She was clueless to the fact that she might have a baby.

She'd been rather uncomfortable lately, but that didn't bother her all so much. She'd forgotten to even keep track of her monthly period. It was so easy to do. Of course, Cory always made the most of sex in the morning before work. Sometimes, at night. Well, it was a lot. It was expected. And really, she liked the closeness. At least, that worked for them. Definitely, chemistry at work. Nobody knew her body quite like Cory, but he evidently hadn't thought of this, either.

Maybe the other stuff didn't work the best in their relationship. Going out. Dating. They stayed in. A lot. But a baby. It was a shocker.

Now she felt so careless and a little confused.

And Craig was here. He was on the phone while she pulled off her wet stocking, which she kept getting tangled up in. The underwear might as well go too. A spasm of pain hit her in her lower back and jetted up her spine. She closed her eyes tight as she knew it was true. She could feel the baby crown at her fingertips.

"Oh shit." She might as well have been a pig wallowing on the kitchen floor. There were puddles of water in the kitchen too.

"What?" Craig looked at her startled as he put down the phone on the kitchen counter.

She shook her head in pain as if he should look away, but instead he was there investigating what was under her dress as she leaned against the cupboard door while the rest of her was on the floor.

"I'm sorry." Her face dripped with tears. "Doesn't take much, when it happens. This is my third." She confessed.

"I can do this." He promised.

She nodded. She had to push, regardless. A few seconds later, there the baby was in tea towels.

"Its a boy. You've got a boy, Allie!" He kept grinning. "I'm really glad I was here, Allie. I'm really glad this happened." He kept saying her name. She thought it was the first time he'd said her name.


Caitlin and Megan said...

I'm happy yet sad for Allie. Very strange situation.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a strange time. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Wow It is a good thing he was there!

MOSAMUSE said...

aaww its a boy :)
at least someone was there