Saturday, February 16, 2013

sinking fast

"You sly dog.." Casey snickered giving Cory a playful shove. Cory really didn't feel like joking around at the hospital. He was still in his jumpsuit from work. At least it hadn't been soiled from dirty cars.

"What are you doing here?" Cory winced as if he wasn't thrilled with the situation. He was still in the state of shock, since the phone call at work. He didn't know what to think. It wasn't that he was mad at Allie, but he wasn't ready for instant fatherhood, either. Where were they going to put the baby at home? He was a little dizzy, kind of out of it. He needed some time to wrap his head around this new situation that he didn't see coming.

"Come on, dude," Casey winced with a laugh. "You think you can keep this a secret?"

Before Cory knew it, the guys were there, Todd and Benny. They gave him a slap on the back.

"Welcome, to the club, bro." Benny grinned.

"Is that what this is?" Cory looked at them. He didn't really envy them, as he hugged himself. "Its just, I didn't know. I didn't. I had no idea Allie was even going to have a baby."

"Its yours, right?" Casey looked at Cory concerned.

He nodded. But he felt as if he'd missed out on all these things that father's looked forward too. He wasn't even there for the birth of his baby. Craig was.

"Well, quite acting like your world just ended. Don't be a selfish bastard. Get in there with Allie. Get excited." Casey informed Cory.

"And give her these." Declan showed up with a dozen red roses.

Cory tried to smile. He knew he was forgetting something important.

"Thanks." Cory took the roses from Declan, but he was sure Allie would never think they were from him. Cory wasn't the most romantic guy in the world.

"Well, go on. You got a baby to name." Declan smirked.

Cory sighed. He guessed he was happy. He wanted Allie to be happy, too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they're all happy. :/

ellie said...

I hope Cory gets with the program.

Chris Ed said...

I hope that they will be ok!