Wednesday, February 6, 2013

easy does it

Benny could sense it. Yeah, there might have been a spark or two between Spencer and Connor.

"I'm impressed." Benny smirked. "Where did you, find him?"

"He's in one of my classes." Keith shrugged after dinner as he was washing the dishes for Benny, who after all put the thirty minute dinner together like a short order cook.

"How do you do it?" Benny took a dish to dry. He hoped they didn't regret this, introducing Connor to Spencer.

"I really wasn't trying, but he was just there and I just asked, and..and he said yes." Keith's open grin meant he was fascinated by this as much as Benny was.

Those two wouldn't shut up. Spencer and Connor talked well after their dinner turned cold.

"You don't think this Connor had a crush on you, do you?" Benny began to worry.

"Are you kidding me?" Keith only winced with a laugh. "Of course, not."

Benny knew though, Keith had a way with words. Benny wouldn't question it.

"Do you think its enough, though? Breaking up Bucky and Spencer?" Benny pondered. He didn't think on it long. Hunter started to cry. He went to her. Hopefully, all would be smoothed out soon.

"Well, it doesn't hurt if Bucky's not there when Spencer gets home." Keith shrugged when Benny returned with the baby.

Benny wasn't going to dare ask what Keith was up to.


Anonymous said...

What has Keith done?

ellie said...

Keith is always wanting to be a control freak.

Tallia said...

DId you write this dialogue? It is pretty good!

MOSAMUSE said...

i hope it gets smoothed out soon!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh Keith...he can never just let things be. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Keith, get your shit together.