Monday, February 4, 2013

a little thing like music

Connor was intrigued. His professor asked him to dinner.

He knew he should have told Noah, but it wasn't like he was living with him. Connor was starting to wonder what made a real relationship? Going out? Staying over from time to time?

He wasn't so sure Noah told him everything. Besides, he was busy with that buddy of his who was in town. Noah took Phoenix out without Connor. Maybe that was why he was up for dinner with his history professor. Besides, Keith was a kind of nerdy handsome that Noah wasn't. And he had a good feeling about this, until he met Keith's significant other. And they had a kid.

God, he hoped this professor didn't have him in mind for babysitting. So what if the baby was cute. She was an infant. That was just too small for him. Sure he'd spent the day with his sister's three year old who came off more like 23 at times, but this, well, Connor was a little stand offish.

Thankfully, it wasn't three men and baby.

His professor little brother was pleasant enough. He was in a band. Connor wanted to know what festivals they did.

"Not much anymore," Spencer told him over beer and a stir-fry with fabulous spring rolls. "A long time ago, we'd do just about any local band venues we could get. Seems, everyone has kids now." He sighed.

"Too bad." Connor hate the thought of kids, growing old. He wanted fun. But he was settling down these days. He guessed with Noah.

Yet, it was fun listening to his stories about being in rain storms at concerts. How Modest Mouse did not want to play in a thunderstorm in a corn field that one time. Connor confessed how one summer he'd followed Bright Eyes from one concert to another.

"What an idiot." He shook his head. He was sure he could sing better, any day, than Conor Oberst. "But I love that guy."

"Seriously, we need get together some time." Spencer said he'd like to listen to him sing. Connor couldn't help but smile.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wonder how Noah will feel about them spending time together. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

very sweet!

Sara Gerard said...

Not sure how I feel about this just yet. :/