Thursday, May 2, 2013

bluer than blue

"It's going to be fine. It'll be ..a new start." Todd rubbed his brother's tense shoulders for good measure as Craig set at the dining table. He really did look as if he had so much to live up too.

"You, got a call back. Another interview. And they said yes." Todd sighed. "What more could you want?" Wasn't like he was in a some silly hometown musicals where there were nobodies who'd never had an acting class before. "You, can do this."

"Yeah, I know. " Craig squinted hard as if he might be coming down with something. He'd came over to Todd's place to tell him something. Perhaps it wasn't about the new job, at all.

Todd had wanted to bring out the beers. Something. Yet Craig looked more pissed than ever. About something.

"So what's eating at you, now?" Todd would drink without him. He took a long sip of the lime flavored beer. Lucy made fresh salsa and chips. It could be a party. Except, Craig didn't bring Jess and her boy.

"Is it really the right thing to do?" Craig looked a bit frazzled. But Todd had given him a fresh haircut yesterday and Craig wasn't his scraggly self.

"Yes." Todd looked at him with open eyes. "You, need to go on. You, can't be so hard on yourself." Todd glared back at  Craig who was really still pissed with himself and about all that went wrong with Sarah. "She's moved on. She's married. Sarah is happy. Why can't you?"

Craig looked away in sorrow, like he might be perfect for some dark Victorian movie where no one really ever gets what they want.

Todd put down his beer and slid out his cell from his back pocket.

"Fine." He punched in the number.

Craig looked up at Todd then as if he was being far too mysterious.

"What are you doing?" Craig winced.

"Getting this settled. Right now." Todd sighed as if why hadn't he thought of it in the first place.


ellie said...

Its terrible when the past keeps you from being happy.

MOSAMUSE said...

sometimes u gotta get down to the solution!

mazzymay said...

Craig just might be waiting til the cows come this rate.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is definitely in a tough place right now. :/