Monday, May 6, 2013

its not always warm in May

"Can't you just do it?" Ezra looked Sarah in the eye. It was as if he knew why Todd was calling.

"No. I can't." Sarah didn't want too. She couldn't forget. Why should she forgive Craig?

Honestly, she felt like laughing at Todd's request. Actually, she hung up on him. A part of her wanted to call her mom and tell her about this silly ordeal. She would be on her side. But more importantly, why wasn't Ezra on her side?

She went to pick up Jake from his play pen, as he alone would be the one who would always be by her side. After all, he was her son.

"Do you want him to hate his father? Is that it?" Ezra winced as if she needed to think a bit before she made such a snap judgement.

"Yes. I do." She was honest. She didn't want Jake to have anything to do with Craig. In spite of the money Craig had given to help raise him, Craig was the one, who after all, could have let her rot in jail for some high tech trick of his, the bank scam.

Sarah smiled, feeling better for admitting it. Actually, more like a relief. That's how she truly felt about her ex.

"He might end up hating you, because you couldn't let him be a part of Craig's life." Ezra shrugged.

"Well, we know just how well Craig wants to be a part of Jake's life. Where have all those Fridays gone?" She didn't mean to be so dramatic. But it was true. He'd only been with Jake once. He was off saving some other family. He hadn't time for his own. She'd figured it out soon enough.

Now she was making Jake cry. He was getting fussy. She handed him over to Ezra, who soothed him instantly.

"You two need to talk. Talk this out now, before its too late." Ezra told her. He would stay with Jake.

She festered an angry stare.

"Fine." She picked up her sweater from the hook by the front door.

Honestly, it wouldn't do any good. But she was so mad. Consumed with anger. Why did Craig still do this to her? Even if he never spoke to her.


MOSAMUSE said...

deep down she still loves him

ellie said...

Maybe she does..I feel she can't let him go.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She needs to let him move on. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I feel like Ezra might know something, I think she can't let him go :(

ellie's desk said...

Sarah may never give up grudges.