Thursday, March 21, 2013

in the middle

Somebody wanted a chili dog, and they wanted it now.

Craig watched Jesse stack the extra onions, cheese and jalapenos on the chili dog. She handed it over, but still somebody was not impressed.

"Now nuke it." His voice was gruff and he looked really angry, but that could have been from the nose ring and other piercings in his brute face.

Jesse said nothing. From the look on her face Craig knew she wanted to cram the dog right down the biker's throat, but she did as she was told. She strutted over to where customers went to warm their meals and cranked up the microwave.

Craig watched her in her black skinny jeans and silver snowboots. She was in her orange shirt from work. It wasn't exactly his shift yet. Almost. He wanted to go outside and act like he might take a smoke. Only he didn't smoke and it was horribly cold. The wind was blowing a little ice about. It was a frigid walk here.

So he tried to look away, but he couldn't.

 Jesse's boyfriend was here. He looked like he could have been ZZ top's grandkid with that hairy beard of his. Craig just didn't get why she was with him. It was so bizarre, but the reality sunk in, who was in charge here and it wasn't Jesse.

"Goddamnit! This is shit!" He informed her. She hurried to get him a soda, but he took a tall can of beer instead. He wasn't paying for it, either.

Craig gasped wondering what did this guy get away with. Did he steal beer from here all the time?

"What are you looking at?" He growled at Craig who went on his way to take over the register.

It killed a part him to watch her go, but she grabbed her white furry jacket that he still couldn't see how it stayed clean being around this neanderthal who's pickup sounded exactly like his motorcyle. Loud.

"Bye." She barely got out as she went on her way with Roco. "Sorry about the mess." The chilly dog was now splat on the floor in front of the counter where people usually stood to pay for gas.

"I got it."

But she went to clean it up. She told Roco to warm up the truck.

"You sure, you're OK? Should you? Do you really want him take you home?" He stared at her as she cleaned up the mess with paper towels. He went to get something industrial to remove what was left before a stain set in.

"It'll be fine." She grinned as if she glad he was worried about her.

"I know you say that, but..." He knew it would sound stupid, but he said it anyway. "What if..what if something happens, and..and he hurts you?" He winced.

"Look I can take care of myself." She informed him as she hugged herself. "This is only temporary." She told him.

Craig nodded. He wasn't sure if she meant the job or Roco.

The motor exhilarated so loud as if Roco might plow right through the store.

"Gotta go." But a part her looked as if she really didn't want to go. Yet, there was nowhere else to go.

Craig nodded.

"I bet he's a real teddy bear." Craig almost smiled, but he just couldn't see it. Not really.

She faked a smile and was on her way.

Craig watched Roco roar through the parking lot. About ten minutes later the phone rang.

"Hello," said a small voice. "Is my Momma there?"

Craig had to ask who he was calling for. He wanted Jesse. Craig looked at the clock. It was closer to one in the morning now.

"She just left, maybe she'll be home soon. You'll hear her coming." Craig sighed.

"No, she won't. She won't if she left with that Roco." Craig knew the boy was crying. "They'll go to the club. She'll be out all night."

"Lets just give her a few minutes," Craig said. He wasn't all that busy. "Just call me back, if you need too."

"You really wouldn't mind?" There was something hopeful in his voice.

Craig introduced himself then. Cameron told him he'd call back in twenty minutes. He doubted his Mom was coming home.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm really starting to love Craig. :)

ellie said...

I'm glad Craig cares about Jesse.

MOSAMUSE said...

love the header change!

Sara Gerard said...

Oh so sad! Craig is such a sweetie.