Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The third time is a charm

Cory was getting the hang of holding Bo. Although, he was so tiny. A lot more tiny than Angie who was practically grown compared to the newborn.

Bo was like handling precious cargo, and it frightened him to even bath the pink thing that was so alive. Big blue eyes looked at him as if he better pay attention.

Cory felt so clumsy, but he kept smiling, doing his best not to tense. Of course, it didn't help much with Craig watching.

"Did you want to do this?" Cory shot Craig a look who grabbed a dish towel instead of a bath towel in the kitchen where Cory had the bath set up in the sink.

"No. Not really." Craig pressed a grin.

"Well, its not fun." Cory sighed. It all started with a poopy diaper that made Cory gag. He could hardly stomach it, but Allie laughed at him, telling him he hadn't seen a real poopy diaper yet. She went back to sleep and he said he'd bath the baby.

The baby's little cry was still so raw when the incident first happen, but now he seemed OK, limbs scrunched up as Cory did his best to clean the folds of him. He tried to work quickly. It was still rather cold out and the kitchen wasn't absolutely warm.

"Just how should I rinse him?" Cory found himself asking as he felt the baby's head wobble slightly in the palm of his hand. Cory squinted hard. Before he knew it, the baby peed on his shirt. He gritted at Bo's feat. It was as if Bo had him figured out. He knew what would make Cory squirm.

"I'm gonna need a bath before this all over." He wrapped the baby is a fluffy white towel and handed him over to Craig, as if he could do the rest.

"This baby clearly hates me." Cory decided.

"No, he doesn't." Craig smiled.

"This is the third time today he's peed on." Cory confirmed.

"That's what babies do." Craig shrugged and took Bo to the changing table in the livingroom to put a diaper on him.

"I know, but he seems to have it  out for me." Cory felt certain of it. "Its not the way you and Jake are. I mean, he's like gold with you."

"Just keep calm. He's not out to hurt you." Craig snapped on the sleeper as if he knew how to keep the infant warm yet happy. His finger tips lightly rubbed Bo's little stomach.

"I'm afraid I'll hurt him." Cory hugged himself as he watched, thinking Craig knew something he didn't.

"You have to be thankful you're here for him. Right now." Craig kept watch over him as Bo's little limbs wiggled. "I wish I could have seen Jake at this age. I really missed out."

Cory guessed he needed to really embrace this situation. He wanted to pick up Bo, but he definitely needed a shower first. He was already in a sweat.


ellie said...

Hopefully, Cory will get better at this.

MOSAMUSE said...

babies r so cute!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...Craig is amazing with kids. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think Corey just needs to take some notes from Craig is all :)