Monday, March 4, 2013

its just one of those things

Honestly, Connor had good intentions. That was when he was thinking Spencer would be all alone, and it would be just the two of them.

Now, it was kind awkward.

These were Spencer's friends.

"They live with you?" Connor asked once an episode of Undeclared was over and they were in the kitchen. Alone. Supposedly, they were looking for snacks. At least drinks. Spencer was trying to be a good host, after all.

"They just moved in." He explained as if he'd been totally on the up and up with him before. "Look," Spencer handed him a ginger ale. "I had a boyfriend, but he's in a jail."

"Jail?" Connor couldn't help to stared at Spencer.

"I think it was over, the relationship, for some time, anyway. It was just, he didn't have any place to go." Spencer kept looking a Connor as if he really didn't have anything to hide.

Connor nodded as if he understood.

"Come on you guys," Manny said at the kitchen doorway. "We gotta find out who's got a crush on Lloyd."

"When are we gonna play some music?" Connor looked to Spencer then.

"Not tonight." Spencer was pretty settled on this show on Netflix. "We'll just have to make it a date, I guess."

Connor almost smiled as they went back to the livingroom. There Manny and Em were, taking up the whole couch and it felt as if he and Spencer were miles apart in the cushy chairs on either side of the couch. He wondered if Manny and Em would have a problem if Spencer and he were closer.

The lights were out.

 It didn't seem fair to Connor that some were having a romantic moment and he couldn't. So he decided to sit on the carpet at Spencer's feet. Luckily, Spencer got the hint and sat next to him in the floor. Connor didn't mind watching TV. He just wanted to watch TV with Spencer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Romance will come when it's ready. Either that, or he needs to create some of his own. :D

Sara Gerard said...

aw! They are so cute!

MOSAMUSE said...