Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what are friends for

"So, are we..." Manny didn't know how to exactly say it to Spencer. "Are we cramping your style?" Maybe they'd moved in too soon, but Em's lease was up and the timing was perfect.

"No, of course, not." Spencer winced with a smile as he was serving up pancakes for breakfast. Em was off getting ready for work.

Manny took a peek out the front window. Connor's car wasn't there.

"I guess he didn't stay .." Manny started think they were probably not a good sign for romance.

"Connor stayed long enough. We're suppose to go out. Who knows, he might make me dinner." Spencer seemed amused as he got Angie's breakfast to her in the highchair. "We may have jumped ahead ourselves, but I'm trying to, you know, feel things out before we plunge into anything else. I mean, it was fast with Bucky, and then their was his drinking which wasn't always a happy thing. I guess, I just wanted to keep the peace. He was really depressed, and..and I guess I didn't handle it as well as I thought I did."

"What are talking about? Exactly?" Manny looked at him puzzled as he held on to the bottle of maple syrup. "Did he..Did he hit you, Spencer?"

"It wasn't that bad." Spencer wouldn't look at Manny. He started on his pancakes without syrup, only a slathering of butter. Manny quickly squirted syrup on his stack of cakes and handed it to Spencer.

"Spence, why didn't you tell anyone?" Manny squinted as if Spencer should have done something. "We would have..God, we were all waiting, hoping..I dunno. You, didn't have to put up with him."

"I know I should have. I thought I could help him. He really needed me. Well, I thought so, for a little while. And then..then..sometimes, he scared me. And I didn't know what to do. Next thing I know, I'm doing foolish things...with.."

"You, slept with Connor? Already?" Manny blurted wishing he hadn't said anything as he looked at Angie who was looking at Manny as if he'd said something weird, but she ate on her pancake.

Spencer nodded.

Manny bit in to a fork of pancake then, doing his best to keep his mouth shut.


ellie said...

I'm glad Spencer is talking to Manny about Bucky.

Sara Gerard said...

Well at least he came clean.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I'm sure its hard for him to talk about Bucky. I think Spencer has learned from it too.

mazzymay said...

Such a hard time for Spencer. Hopefully, Connor is good for him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Talking things through is always a good idea. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

good friends r great to have