Friday, March 15, 2013

steady as she goes

Sage was dragging, but this seemed to be the state of her body since being pregnant. She just couldn't get enough sleep. But even in bed it was in short bouts. Seriously, it would have been nice to stay home, yet the money was good, and she was thankful she had the job on campus. Besides, Gage was deep into his studies. Sage hoped all was well with Fergie and Trevor. She tried her best to keep up with them. As of late, they seemed to be making the best of school and at work too.

Of course, there was never enough to eat in the house. No one seemed to make a proper grocery trip anymore, in spite of so many people in the house who worked at the grocery. So she trudged onward with the cart, perhaps a little ditzy of what to buy. She reached for cans of soup in her regular attire from work which was a suit that barely fit. Maybe it did, but it felt binding and she was sure everyone who looked at her possibly thought she was having twins.

As she reached for her favorite soup, she noticed Declan at the end of the isle putting canned veggies on the shelf.

"Hey, long time, no see." She smiled, thinking he'd smile back, but he didn't. She pushed her cart closer. "How have you been?"

"Fine." He was matter of fact and she wondered if he were mad at her. They hadn't exactly kept in touch.

"I heard about Allie's baby." She told him.

"Yeah, how come you guys didn't come to the baby shower?" He stared at her as if that must be the real reason behind his long face.

"Just so busy," she said as a yawn gave way. "Tired I guess. But how is she?" Generally, she was the first to make sure to bring over a casserole or cookies, but she was out of the loop this time. Perhaps, she was waiting for things to be more normal with her body, with work. Sage guessed she should get used to this new normal.

"Good as new." He was quick to say as he continued to work. He was a little sullen and she knew he was pissed. "And you?"

"Its going OK." Sometimes, she did wonder if she had the strength to see it all through. A career. A family. Still catching up with friends. "We'll have to get together sometime."

"For what?" He looked her in the eye as if they were completely done. No need for contact of any kind.

"I dunno. Ask River, if he wants to come over." She knew she wasn't up to cook anything, but she could order pizza.

"We have his brother now and his niece." Declan said it as if she wasn't the only who's family was evolving.

"Oh, I didn't know." Sage felt as if she were lost for words. "They can come too." Still, she hadn't a clue when they were all free at the same time. Maybe if he time, right now. They could talk because he really looked like he needed to talk to someone.


ellie said...

Maybe this is why Declan is really down about himself. He definitely needs to get into educating himself.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad Sage wants to be there for him. :)