Sunday, April 7, 2013

getting the ball rolling

Craig wasn't sure he was exactly up for the job, but he just couldn't stand to see Jess here alone. There was the hospital bill to worry about. Also, he was borrowing his brother's car.

First he needed a car. Why hadn't he got himself a car? He could. He hadn't wanted to spend the money on himself. There was a time, he would have only wanted the best. That didn't mean it would be practical.

He used to like shiny new things. Now, if he had something reliable, that would do. So he called Cory. Told him what was up. In case, they were worried.

"Todd, called me." Cory told him.

"Todd needs his car back." Craig felt as if wasn't any better at getting anything in order than Jess. Evidently. "I need a car."

Cory knew of someone at work who was wanting to get rid of a car. "Its nothing special, but it works. The gas mileage is decent. Of course, I wouldn't take off across country in it."

Craig piled in more dishes in the sink and filled hot water and suds in.

"Any chance I could take a look at it today?" Craig asked.

"Its sitting here in the car parking lot, right now." Cory told him.

"Great." Maybe he'd see about it right now.

Cory told him how much.  Craig would be prepared. He'd be over, shortly. But he'd call Todd first. This was just the beginning. He did want to get Jess out of here, as soon as possible.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is definitely going above and beyond the call of duty. Adore him! :)

ellie said...

I hope he'll be there for her.

Sara Gerard said...

Well things are turning around!

ellie's desk said...

I hope he can help.

MOSAMUSE said...

well see how this turns out

Street Fashion Paris said...

I love Craig!