Thursday, April 4, 2013

after shock

Jess wanted to sleep, but she didn't have time to rest. She'd be back at work by night.

Of course, there was her place Craig would have to see. Lord knows, what Cam had been up too. He was only ten and a boy and he never put anything away.

Now he'd know she was a bad mother. What next? Child services would come and take him away.

"You, are staying bed." He informed her as soon they got to the little trailer. Of course, she could hardly move down the tiny hallway. She kept bumping into things. Yes, the trailer was a mess. Clothes all about. So maybe she wasn't exactly a housekeeper. She didn't really have time for it. Lately.

"I can't. I don't want too." She looked at him as if no way was he going to order her around.

"You, need rest." He went ahead of her to her room at the back of the trailer. There were a pile of clothes on her bed. He scooped them up. "Don't worry about Cam, he can stay with my brother and his wife this week. We'll think of something."

"We?" She looked at him angry. "You, should just go." She meant to fight back, but she was weak and she felt so frail and cold. Was there really any way out of this? Did she really want his help?

He had no where to put the clothes but on the floor.

"Those were clean." She informed him as she finally got into the unmade bed.

"I suppose they were." Craig sighed. "You need to rest."


"Don't even think about going to work tonight." Craig eyeballed her as if she needed to stay put.

"But I'll get fired." She hated this fact. It was a horrible job, but she needed it.

"Maybe, that would be the best thing for you." Craig told her.

She didn't need to hear it from him.

"Cameron's your priority." Craig reminded.

"You don't think I don't know that." She squinted hard. There was so much to juggle. She was trying.

"You need to get out of here." He told her. "He needs to be closer to school. He needs to feel safe."

"What are you talking about?" Her body felt cold. Almost numb. Maybe she was dying right this minute and didn't even know it.

"I'm going to make a few calls." Craig shrugged as if he'd leave her alone.

Jess nodded.

"You, just need to rest." Craig told her there was nothing to worry about. After all, that boyfriend of hers was in jail at the moment.

Maybe she would sleep. Maybe she'd trust him.


ellie said...

It won't be easy. I hope Craig can help.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is a good guy to trust. :)

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Anonymous said...

This won't be easy. Glad Craig is there.