Monday, April 1, 2013

not exactly a free ride

Craig felt he was at a dead end.

He didn't find Jesse at home when he got off work. Actually, he doubted he would. Honestly, he didn't know where to go. He'd have to involve the cops. He already should have. Still, if he did, what would happen to Cameron?

He kept wondering if Jess knew what she was doing with that guy. Obviously, she did. He was beginning to have doubts long before his shift was over. Honestly, he had no idea what to do. It was  a lucky chance, he supposed when he found her at the hospital.

She really looked bad with a black eye. A few ribs broken and a broken arm. He listened to the nurse go over her chart as if he was here to take her home. He answered yes to everything. After all, Jesse was sleeping and it felt like an answered prayer of some kind, that at least he knew where she was.

"Should we disturb her?" He looked at the nurse as if Jess needed to stay to recuperate.

"When you don't have insurance, you want to be out of the place as soon as you can." The nurse stared at him as if this was no palace.

Craig nodded and hoped the nurse didn't ask him too many questions.

"Hey, sleepy head, you got a visitor." The male nurse informed Jess who didn't look as if she could open an eye as badly it was bruised.

"What?" she croaked with a squint.

"Looks, like somebody's gonna take you home." The nurse made the bed go up, but Jess didn't look to fond of wanting to sit up. "You're gonna be fine."

She kept her eyes closed.

"What are you doing here, Craig?" She barely managed to mumble.

"Cameron's at my brother's." Craig told her.

"Cameron?" Now she did sound upset. As if he'd been this after thought that was more important to her than she realized. "Why is he there?" Her words were tender, and he knew she was in pain.

"Don't worry about it. He's OK. He's at school." Craig had taken Cameron to school in Todd's car and then made the rounds wondering where Jesse might be. The hospital was his last stop, but it wasn't quite nine in the morning yet.

"You, didn't have to do that." She frowned as she put her free hand over her eye so he wouldn't have to see it.

"He was scared." Craig wanted to tell her how it wasn't right for her to leave him like that, but he couldn't say it here. "He was looking for you."

"He came all the way to the gas station?" She looked as if she wanted to punish Cameron.

"No, he called on his cell phone. Where is your cell phone?" Craig looked at her as if she was in the wrong, not Cameron.

She said nothing. Her face remained soured.

The nurse came in with the wheel chair. It was as if this bed had a waiting list or something. Craig guessed he was going to have to stay with her, at least today. He just didn't see her making it up a huge amount stairs to Todd's place, nor even taking the basement stairs at Cory's, either.


MOSAMUSE said...

$$ rules so much... even (in some cases) your health!

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's lucky Craig's there for her. :)

ellie said...

I hope he can help her.

Sara Gerard said...

I am glad Craig is there to help.

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Street Fashion Paris said...

Glad that Craig is here!