Wednesday, June 5, 2013

slipping back

Fergie watched the baby from the hospital nursery window. Trevor had his arm around her.

She felt happy and sad all at once. She couldn't help but cry. Why was she still so emotional? She hated getting old. Or maybe having a baby did that too her. Making her feel so old. She bit her bottom lip.

Of course, Trevor was quiet. He'd gotten taller. He wasn't this tall last year. He was more gangly than ever. She felt as if he just got younger. Some how.

"What's the matter?" He looked down at her.

"Its nothing." She did her best to smile. "I wonder if he'll have curls, like Gage."

"Rex barely has peach fuzz at the moment." Trevor chuckled.

"I think he looks like you." Fergie sighed thinking their own baby would never look like Trevor. Hunter did look a lot like her.

"He's just a baby. A newborn baby." Trevor shook his head. Evidently, he didn't see the resemblance of the nose and the chin, like she did.

Fergie's heart tugged for a longing that she thought she'd overcome. Yes, she still wanted a baby. Sometimes, she wished she'd ran away with Hunter, but it was too late now. She closed her eyes. She really hoped this feeling went away, but it was a lot like riding out a storm on a choppy sea.


Anonymous said...

I do feel sad for her. Hopefully Trev notices.

Sara Gerard said...

A lot of emotion in this one :(

ellie's desk said...

Very emotional. But I think she'll somehow suffice.

ellie said...

Its interesting how she sees on Trevor in the baby.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Fergie. :(

MOSAMUSE said...

aww :(

Street Fashion Paris said...

More more more!