Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what's in a name

Allie listened to Sage go on for quite a bit about the name Skylar. She looked really sad about the name Rex as she sat there hold her new born, who was alert and happy to see her.

"You know, if he'd been a girl I was going to name her Skylar." Evidently, Sage had been calling the baby Skylar for months. It was as if the baby already knew his name.

"Well, you and Gage should talk about this more. If this is Skylar, then.."

"Oh, I don't want to start up anything." She sounded so tired as if it might be a useless feud. "My parents never got along over my name, either. My Mom always called me Chelsey, but my Dad was set on Sage, after some rodeo queen he knew." Sage rolled her eyes, but Allie couldn't help but smile. She'd never imagined Sage being named after a rodeo queen.

"Actually, it was her horse." Sage sighed as if she didn't want anyone to know of it.

Allie smiled as she watched the baby almost fall asleep in Sage's arms.

"And why do you like Skylar, so much?" Allie wanted to know.

"OK, someone on a soap opera, had that name." Sage guessed she was no better. "He had sky blue eyes. And he was a good guy."

Allie nodded. That wasn't such a bad idea. It wasn't like she was naming the baby after a villain on a TV show.

It was time for Sage to nurse the baby so Allie went out in the hall. She walked toward the cafeteria. Gage was still at lunch with his brother.

"So are you, really that set on the name Rex?" She asked when she found him.

Gage shrugged as if Allie was trying to make him guilty of something.

"Why?" He looked at her as if she better have something interesting to say.

"Because, Sage doesn't even like her own name." Allie told him. "And, she's been referring to her newborn as Skylar, long before he was born."

"She never said anything to me about it." He looked puzzled.

"Well, I think you should let her win this one. Have dibs on the next one." Allie tilted her head a bit as she watched Gage think on it.

Gage finally nodded. "Well, what's wrong with Sage? I love her name."

"You'll have to talk to her about that." Allie smiled.

"All right, we'll go with Skylar." Gage got up to go see Sage.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad Gage is being so flexible on this. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Aww! I love that Allie was able to break the barrier here!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, its hard to explain things your better half.

MOSAMUSE said...

very sweet :)

MOSAMUSE said...

gage and sage :)

Street Fashion Paris said...

Allie is changing!!! love it!!!