Tuesday, June 25, 2013

it takes courage


Spencer was so happy...he almost cried. And as much as he wanted to hold Gage's baby. He couldn't.

Hopefully, he didn't let his feelings show. He hated being so emotional. Why was this happening? Especially, after all this time.

Even now he could hardly breathe as he choked on tears. Here in Keith's kitchen.

"God, I'm just so old." Spencer's eyes welled with tears.

"You are not." Keith chuckled as he brought him a cup a tea. "That baby face of yours can hardly grow a mustache."

Spencer tried to smile, but it didn't really give him much comfort. How could he explain it? He wanted to be a Dad, and now Gage was a dad.

He finally let the tears shed hoping the pain would go away.

"Are you going back to college?" Keith then asked as if they should think about what he might do. Not about something he couldn't have.

"Why? Why? Do you keep asking me?" Spencer wiped a tear away with the back of his hand.

"Well..if this is about..what I think it is," Keith said. "About having a family. Then you've got to start thinking about your future. What can you do to support a family? You have to think about what you can do, to have what you want."

Spencer hated to listened to Keith's words. But he was right. He was so right.

"You and Connor can have a family. Maybe not tomorrow, but right now you gotta stay focused. Do you even know if your relationship could handle a kid?" Keith looked at him as if he needed to stop being so sad.

"I think so." Spencer hoped. It felt that way, but he hadn't exactly discussed it with Connor.

"Well, you two better start talking more." Keith smirked. About then the baby cried. Keith went to check on his daughter, practically a toddler now.


ellie said...

Keith does have a point.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Courage is an important characteristic. :)

MazzyMay said...

He really needs to think of his own future first.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Aw..I hope Spencer will think about his future. Good advice.

MOSAMUSE said...

a kid is a big step