Friday, June 28, 2013

in every direction

holding on

Jess finally found Craig's smile and he'd found her's too. She was definitely on the mend now, and they'd some how maneuvered around her  arm cast, which was getting smaller all the time. Yeap, she was healing completely.

Of course, she imagined if they'd ever met each other any other time in their would have probably been a missed opportunity that she would have never given a second thought, too. She supposed he might have been a cad or an ass at one point in his life. And she would probably feel just like Sarah.

Who she didn't really know. Had no time nor want to know his ex.

Maybe she would go with him to visit his son. She knew he wanted to be able to have Jake over for the entire weekend.

"I guess I could go." She was a bit coy. Of course, a day earlier she'd had a run in with her old boss down at the gas station. She intended to get her money coming to her. And she did.

Of course, she'd practically had a fit to get it. In fact, she'd scared the old man. Her questions about his work ethics were like bullets. Jess stood her ground. There was a moment she would have hit him in the side of the head with her cast, but she didn't. And she couldn't tell Craig now that she'd almost lost her cool. Almost.

But she smiled. Those days were over. She was moving on. She was going to work at Todd's salon. Things were looking up in just about every direction.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so glad to see things changing for the better. :)

MazzyMay said...

So sweet they are together.

Street Fashion Paris said...

The better or the worst.

ellie said...

I'm glad things are looking up for her.

Sara Gerard said...

I am glad things are turning around for her!