Monday, July 1, 2013

it might be dinner

Sarah and Ezra

"What if I don't like her?" Sarah squinted hard as she put another place setting at the table. It would be the four of them and baby Jake. She stared back at Ezra who was checking the boiled potatoes. He was getting ready to mash them up. They were having dinner with Craig and Jesse.

"Well, you can try. At least try." He didn't glance. He cut the heat and went to dump the potatoes on the colander in the sink. "Be optimistic."

She sighed heavily as she looked at the variety of color in the place setting. Nothing matched. The good stuff was still in a box in the garage.

"Crap." She whispered.

"What's wrong?" Now he was looking at her as he almost dropped a hot piece of potato on his Chuck Taylors as he was putting the potatoes back in the pot with the butter and cream, the potato masher was near at hand.

"What if they bring her kid?" She pressed her hands on her hips in thought. "Our table is not big enough." It wasn't like they were going to have five kids some day to feed. She seldom ever had a dinner party. Was this a dinner party?

Of course, Ezra did all the cooking. He even make a coconut cream pie.

Seriously, they were doing all the work here and Craig was doing nothing, in her mind.

"It'll be fine. We have plenty to eat." He popped in the rolls in the oven just as the doorbell rang. She looked at him as he was mashing away at the potatoes the old fashion way. He had to go get it. She would not open that door. It took all her might to muster up a smile for someone like Craig.

She crossed her arms. Yes, she hated Craig. Possibly, not as delightful as she used too.

Ezra looked at her as if she better not lose it. He stomped off to the livingroom while she went to get Jake out of his play pen.

"Hey, you two." Ezra was his good old friendly self. For a moment, Sarah was certain Ezra might hold  a prayer meeting. He talked to Jesse. Asked how her summer was going. Naturally, he had to tell her how nice she looked in her summer dress and wedges.

Sarah was beginning to think Ezra was a big flirt. Was he going to be like this with Craig's whatever for the rest of the night? Sarah gritted.

She handed over a long legged toddler to Craig, right away.

"I think his pamper needs to be changed." She informed him.

Ezra turned to her with his most Are you serious look.

Sarah sighed.

Ezra took Jake from Craig and went to change his pamper. "Check on the rolls, will you?" He asked as he went.

Sarah puffed a frown. She supposed they were going to have a spat now. Funny how some people made them this way. She hurried off to the kitchen. She knew he would be furious if those rolls were hard and burnt.


Sara Gerard said...

Sarah needs to calm down a bit!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish she would give Craig a break. :/

ellie said...

Oh that Sara.