Monday, July 8, 2013

lost secrets far from the gold mine


They were laughing. So loud. They almost woke the baby.

"Shhhh.." Lucy grinned. It was quiet in the loft.

She and Sarah both laughed as if even the quiet was fun, especially with a spewing firework in the far off distance.

"Oh my God, do you remember when you gave Cory that huge hickey? Casey was sure you'd infected him." Sarah's toothy grin shone more than Lucy's as they reminisced about the good times. Old times. "It was just mono."

Sarah smiled as if she missed that time of her life. As if now she was too strait laced for her own good.

"You slept with everyone in the band." Sarah noted.

"No, I didn't." Lucy winced hard as if Sarah was just asking for it now. "It was ONLY sleep." She informed her. "I was never a slut." She hugged herself as they set on the couch. Lucy closed her eyes. "Um, what was her name? You know the one. God, why can't I remember her name. You know, the one. You and her..."

"I don't know who, you mean." Suddenly, Sarah wasn't so drunk anymore.

"Oh, you know." Lucy winced hard as if she'd had the worst brain fart ever. She was so afraid that she might really lose her mind one day and forget everything. "Your girlfriend."

"Shut up." Sarah tensed. She went to the fridge to get another wine cooler.

"Why can't you, talk about her?" Lucy thought she liked her. If only she could remember her name.

"I don't want to talk about her." Sarah looked at Lucy as if she was the crazy one.

Lucy festered a frown. She would keep quiet. Evidently, Sarah didn't want Ezra to know.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't know if Lucy is the best character to have around right now. :/

Sara Gerard said...

They both have some issues to deal with :(

MOSAMUSE said...

drinking seems to always go from fun to a mess within moments