Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh so blue

Todd and Sarah

"What... did.. you do?" Todd winced a bit sleepy himself. Sarah was practically a ball on the couch. He thought she was just faking it. Maybe she was really asleep. He guessed she was.

Ezra picked her up. After all, he was the only one here who was sober.

"Now, are you two going to be OK with Lux? I could take her home. with us?" He sounded as if he'd take Lux too, if they wanted.

Todd just belched which set off a train reaction in Lucy who vomited on the spot.

"Yeap. We'll be fine. Lux will be fine here." Todd rose his empty bottle of beer as a farewell of some kind, along with a sheepish grin. He had a feeling it was quitting time on the booze and time to clean Lucy up.

He supposed Ezra knew what he was doing. He hoped.

First he cleaned up the mess on the wood floor and took off Lucy's wedges. They went off to the bathroom. Any other time, he would have probably showered with her and kissed her as if there were no vomit breath, but at the moment if felt more like herding a small dragon around. He got her in the shower and had tooth paste on the tooth brush waiting for her when she was done. Of course, he had to practically brush her teeth for her.

Finally, they got settled in the bed. Of course, by then she laid wide awake.

"Sarah won't talk about it," Lucy said.

"What?" Todd's back was turned from her. He was almost dozing off. He turned back, thinking he could drift off, anyway. Some sexy night this was becoming?

"We were talking about, you know, the old days." She made it sound as if they'd been gypsies that traveled the world.

"And?" His his eyes shot open. He was really awake now.

"And..and I asked about HER."

"Who?" Todd winced as if she'd lost him, once again.

"You know, that girl. She was in her own band. Sarah's girlfriend."

Todd sighed, a bit sleepy. It didn't really ring a bell.

"I don't remember." All he could think of was his bout with Spencer then Lucy. That was a tangled web he'd rather not think on. He yawned. "Well, we had our own stuff going on, you know. How should I know? Just leave it alone, babe." He rubbed his eyes with his palms. "If Sarah doesn't want to bring it up, don't."

"All right. I was just, you know." Lucy was quiet then. "She called me ..." She would not say, but he knew it hurt her feelings.

"Sarah?" Todd drew a scowl. "She probably won't remember a thing tomorrow." He sighed. Hopefully, she didn't even remember their conversation. After all, Sarah was so drunk. She did pass out.


Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like a bad omen. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Hrmm, it is still on her mind :/

ellie said...

I like the fact that Todd takes care of Lucy. I hope she appreciates that.