Saturday, August 10, 2013

like dogs

breakfast thoughts

"I just don't know what he's expecting." There Jess finally said, as she was watching Connor feed the pup. She needed to stay out of this Craig fiasco with Ezra.

"Spence said Ezra was in a mental ward, once." Connor shrugged.

"Just because he was, doesn't mean he's crazy." Her hands were on her hips as if she didn't want to hear the word mental.

When she was a kid, she remembered her father's mother having her spells. Dementia. There were times she thought there might be a demon inside her the way she'd go off on them. And then she thought of the time  the old woman was standing outside in the yard like a tree, naked. Now that was crazy, to Jess.

"I know, people have break downs all the time. You know, when shit happens, like divorces and bad breakups." Connor went to get himself some coffee and poured some for Jess, too.

"Ezra's not crazy. He just has.." well, she knew it was a kind of illness that could creep up on one. It gave her a shiver. Still, she thought Craig might be a little crazy at the moment. But there were things to do. Like getting school supplies for Cam. She could only pray it was a good year for her son as she slightly closed her eyes, thinking she best say a prayer for Ezra too. Maybe even Craig.

She couldn't help but wonder if right now was like having two old dogs ready to hurt each other in a small examining room. Of course, they weren't all that old. Only in dog years.


Anonymous said...

Liked that last line.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Learning so many things about Ezra right now. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I think that it is good everyone is being cautious, but I am worried Ezra is going to start to feel strange around them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE love your website!

Anonymous said...

How do you do it? Great stuff!!!