Saturday, August 3, 2013

its not about us

hit repeat

Ezra was feeling a little messy. Although, things were calm at home. The place was spotless. He'd made sure to mop the kitchen floor before he left for work. It was the least he could do.

Things were fine between he and Sarah. He hoped. Anyway. Besides, they were all smiles and cuddles and Jake was thriving. What more could he ask for?

He hated to stress. When he stressed, that was when the seizures got a hold of him. It wasn't strange lights of motion are freakish sounds. No, it was what was on the inside that triggered the dizziness, something catching his tongue which made everything a thick fog. He was the last to know what he might have done.

Usually, if he went a bit wild, it didn't feel quite so bad. He felt as if he was in a spaceship. It was later when he found the bruises or why his back was out of whack that he felt the after shock along with the massive tiredness. But that never ever happened. Most of them were mild. It was sort of like a subtle atmosphere change. A mumble, a slight shake. Then, he'd go on. Just go on. Calm would set in..sooner or later.

But when Craig showed up at the old church, Ezra wished he could twitch and pass out. But seizures never happened when he wanted them too.

They were alone. Ezra was in the middle of his playlist for an end of summer concert. It was going to be big. Even a picnic planned. Of course, Sarah wasn't coming. He was a bit sad about that. She never really was there for him. Especially, at church. He would have thought he'd married a witch by the way some of the elder women spoke of her. But he wouldn't dare mention it.

"Hey." Ezra was friendly enough. But Craig wasn't smiling. Ezra even mentioned how the church was available during the week for weddings as if he might get him to marry Jess on a Thursday.

"Of course, I..we didn't get married here." Ezra wished he hadn't said it. Still, it was brought to his attention all the time. One would have thought..maybe he wasn't really married to Sarah since they weren't married in the church.

"Ezra," Craig's voice echoed. He kept it down. "I want work this out..about Jake."

Craig then made it a formal complaint how he'd found out that Ezra was sick.

"I'm not sick." Ezra assured him. "I'm OK." He cleared his throat.

"I think..." Craig sighed. "If..if you don't get on some medication. Now. I'm going to have to do something about it. Jake is my son. I can't afford... I won't see him getting hurt, around you."

Ezra couldn't help but laugh at his ridiculousness.

"Its not funny." Craig snapped. "I want us to go now."

"Where?" Ezra winced.

"The emergency room."

"What?" Ezra winced hard.

"Do you want me to have it out with Sarah?" Craig's eyes lit in his seriousness.

Ezra festered a frown. No, they didn't really want to bring Sarah into this..if they could help it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see Craig speaking his mind.

ellie said...

I'm a little worried that Sarah isn't really there for Ezra, and that makes me sad. But I'm glad Craig is trying to fix this.

Sara Gerard said...

Ezra seems to be conflicted, first everything is okay between him & Sarah, but then he is bummed that she does not come to church events. I think going to the hospital is a bit extreme of Craig, poor Ezra.

Borys Korban said...

Looks really good ! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ezra. I wish he felt better about things with Sarah.