Monday, June 28, 2010

and then

"Is it raining out there?" Benny then said all mad.

Spencer kept hugging himself. He just scowled as he watched Benny and Ka-Rad. It was so annoying. He hated to have to watch the guy who he truly loved make an ass of himself in front of a queen. It was disgusting.

"I'm afraid so." Spencer sighed. "But no thunder. Maybe it'll be over by the time we are on." He had to sound hopeful even if he wasn't.

Ka-Rad was done spraying down Benny's hair that left him in a coughing fit. At least Benny's black locks had sparkle now.

"OK, what about you." Ka-Rad looked at Spencer.

"No, really." He needed to leave. Why had he walked in on this, anyway?

"Come on." Ka-Rad patted the seat down for him.

"All right." Spencer prissed over, not really meaning to and sat down. Spencer tried his best not to be annoyed. But he was. He was going to lose Benny, for good. He hated having to face that fact and here Ka-Rad was all cheerful and sweet.

"You have such healthy hair." He told Spencer as he played with it. He spiked it up with a mousse. Giving Spencer an edge as if he could be Billy Idol if he wanted.

"Well, its just going to get rained on." He could hear the rain now. Pouring, practically.

Ka-Rad messaged Spencer's head with his fingertips. It was putting Spencer in a stuper. Really, no one ever touched him. No one. And it felt so amazing when Ka-Rad did. He was almost sick of himself. Would Benny ever notice he was actually there. He could see by that look on Benny's face. He wanted Ka-Rad so bad. Hadn't Ka-Rad noticed yet?


ellie said...

I do feel bad for Spencer.

nick and heath said...

Gotta wonder who Ka-Rad likes???

so jade said...

woooo..they might both want, probably not.

Krystal said...

such an interesting blog =)


maybe Yes!