Sunday, August 8, 2010

a low blow

Spencer walked down the mall strip, shoving his hands deep in to the pockets of his cargo pants. He felt so suicidal. He really found Benny's words quite harsh. Was that how he really felt about him? He'd always been there to listen. Hell, Benny knew nothing about him. He didn't know how Spencer had managed to get a GED because the bullying was way bad at school, and he'd been fucked by the captain of the football team. He was not cool. Spencer was not anything.

Spencer loved art. He drew pictures of Benny all the time. He was the hero in his comic book. He was always saving Spencer from the bad guy in his notebooks.  But at the moment, he wanted to get high on benadryl or whatever he could find in the medicine cabinet at home. Really, his life was getting worse instead of better. He was replaceable, and he knew it.

Just then he looked up to see Ka-Rad coming out of Salvation Army in a mismatched outfit. A frilly skirt too tight and pink shirt even tighter. His hair was braided back in corn rolls. It was a tad laughable, but Spencer didn't say anything.

"Hey," Ka-Rad smiled as if he saw nothing wrong with the way he looked. He had a way of being above all the snickers and laughs. Actually, he had a mighty fine ass and his legs were spectacular. "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing." Spence could barely say.

"Want to have some stir-fry with me?" There was a Korean place around the corner.

Spencer just shrugged and followed.

They found them a booth in the empty place and Ka-Rad ordered for both of them. A vegan stir-fry and iced tea with lemon.

"So, how are you?" Ka-Rad wanted to know.

"Good." Spence said without a smile.

"Stop shitting me, I know you're not. Sorry, if-if I upset you last night." Ka-Rad told him.

"You didn't." Spencer shook his head, no.

"You know I did. I didn't know. Honest. I had no idea you were into Benny." Ka-Rad told him.

"What does it matter?" Spence shrugged.

"It does matter. I'd hate to come between you too, you know." Ka-Rad winced. The tea came and Ka-Rad sipped his through a straw. Spencer watched his perspire.

"When we're done, lets go shopping." Ka-Rad rubbed his fingers under his chin. Spencer noticed his perfect silver nail polish.

Spencer finally smiled. He might really like that.


ellie said...

I really feel bad for Spencer.

ori said...

I'm glad Ka-Rad showed up when he did.

meg said...

I love Ka-Rad.

Anonymous said...

Ka-Rad seems nice :)

cathy. said...

I love what Ka-Rad is wearing ;)

so jade said...

wow, I'm glad they found each other.

simon and josh said...


holly O said...

Can't wait to see where this goes.

E.L. said...

Hope they have fun.

molly said...

I'm wondering where this is going.

Mari said...

Ah and every detail is beauty. I like the emotional transition from the first paragraph with the suicidally low blues to to the last sentence =) The smile.

So pretty =)
and I love your music.

Also, If you live in the USA (or are here on vacation) I'm hosting a giveaway for a GORGEOUS vintage inspired cocktail silver right that might just look amazing on your pretty fingers ^_^

-The Girl at the Atelier's Closet