Friday, December 17, 2010

its beginning to feel like Christmas

Sarah wasn't sure what to expect out of Craig. Especially, when she mentioned the toy drive she was on. It was something from work that she'd decided to do. Christmas just would feel like Christmas with out giving back.

"I just came from the shelter." She told him at the dinner where they had hot chocolate. "I have the day off." And she'd never been happier delievering new coats, scarves, gloves and stocking caps for those in need. She felt a lot better about things. "And now I have to go shopping for toys."

Oddly, something clicked between them. Perhaps it was the holiday spirit. He soon asked if she needed help, and she didn't mind it. Soon enough, they found themselves in the toy isle at Wal-Mart filling a basket full of dolls, trucks and other cool gadgets.

Evidently, this feeling of giving was contagious. Sure, she'd have a nice cordial Christmas with her parents. She expected her certain gift cards. And she'd have a quiet dinner with them.

"Would you want to come?" She found herself asking after a giddy time of hunting for the right Barbies and Starwars stuff on the list.

Craig just looked at her a little shocked.

"Oh, I guess you have something planned with your brother." Sarah shrugged. Why had she asked? Perhaps all this fun had made her drunk with some sort of holiday happiness that she didn't want to put to rest. Naturally, it would be a plus for her Mom to see her with a guy. Not that she intended to use Craig. She didn't.

"Believe me, my brother and I don't have any Christmas traditions." He didn't let his smile go. It felt as if were all the more embracing. Sarah hoped she didn't regret this.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Sarah knows what she's getting into. :/

She is Sara said...

I hope Sarah is careful.

ellie said...

Maybe they'll be good friends.

nick and heath said...

I hope he won't do anything crazy.

simon and josh said...

Its a good time to be giving. Maybe she's a good influence on him.