Tuesday, December 21, 2010

unrested and weary

Spencer had never done a bad thing to Lucy. Now she felt the evil one.

"You shouldn't have done this to him before Christmas." She winced as if she wasn't all that happy to hear this news when Todd showed up with a suitcase that was obviously not his.

"There is no good time, is there?" His eyes lit as if she chose to have a spat about it, he'd go along right with it. He was here and he was staying.

"I am just fine." And she was. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Well, I'm not fine." His eyes tensed and she thought sometimes, she might be looking at herself. Lucy bit her bottom lip. She watched him fling the suitcase on the bed.

"You're jealous, aren't you?" She hugged herself.

"Really? Am I?" He winced then.

"Craig's not even here." Not that she'd asked where he was going or anything. He was very much an asshole, she thought. She didn't like his stares or his vain ways of keeping to himself.

"Good." Todd sighed as if he were happy not to put up with him, too. It might be pure torture. She imagined.

"What did Spencer say?" Lucy was back to the one she was obviously keeping Todd from. He informed her that he'd told Spencer everything.

"I don't guess it sunk in." Todd sighed. He hugged himself good as he flopped on the couch to get comfortable in front of the TV, which was just a display of a roaring fire. Instrumental Christmas music played. It sounded like a gentle holiday time, but Lucy knew it wasn't. She put on the kettle.

"This is perfectly, the worst time ever, to lay something like this on him." She was a bit testy.

"Just when did you start having feelings for him?" Todd looked back at her as if she was peeving him by the second.

She came around and sat beside him then. Now he'd really hit a nerve. She didn't want to be the bad one in all of this. But maybe she was.

"You're my best friend." She confessed. "I just didn't want to lose you. But-" Lucy felt awful about this now. "I don't want you to hate me, either. And now you should be with him during the holidays. You should."

"Well, I can't. Its too late for that. So, just stop giving me grief." Todd eyed her then. But he still hugged himself, as if this was all she was getting. Perhaps always would.

Lucy watched the fire on the TV. It was really the most realistic fire she'd ever seen. A shame, it couldn't actually keep her warm.


meg said...

I really liked that last part.

ellie said...

This will definitely be a rough patch for both of them.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they can overcome this. :/

simon and josh said...

Lucy should feel guilty.

molly said...

I hope they can get through this.