Wednesday, January 12, 2011

take it to the limit

Craig winced at the commotion. He really didn't see his brother and Lucy staying together.

"I don't want to be here." He sighed, standing there at the little studio, watching the two of them fuss about the most silly things. Sarah had came back with him. He really hated that he'd pushed himself on her like that, but really, there wasn't anything physical going on between them. He just needed a way to escape. What was he going to do?

"STOP." He told them both. "This will get you know where."

"Well, she doesn't want a sonogram. She won't even see the doctor." Todd gave his brother a glare.

"He has a point, you know." Now Sarah was on Todd's side.

"Why won't you see the doctor?" Craig winced then as he wished Lucy would decide to grow up.

"They'll find out something is wrong. Besides, I'm been perfectly fine. All this time." Lucy groaned.

"Jesus, you're so skinny and you haven't the energy for anything. You haven't gone to any of the concerts lately. You just keep to your self, Lucy?" Sarah came forward and gave Lucy a look over, measuring her wrist by wrapping her fingers around them. "Come on, I'll even go with you."

"I have to go." Todd gave them a dead stare. "I have to be there. I do."

"We'll all go, make a day of it." Craig winced, possibly teasing. "God, just educate self. Find out what you're getting into." Craig really wasn't fond of this baby mess. True, Todd looked like he could handle it, but he might have two to raise instead of one. He wasn't so sure Lucy was the brightest in the bunch. He sure hoped that boyfriend of Todd's was smarter than the both of them.

If only he'd known it was going to be this way, he would have just kept going. Although, he had no idea where. He looked at his space then, knowing this place was just two small for a home.

"Look, Todd and I will take down the door. That way, you can do what you want with my place." He hugged himself then. "I'll find something else." But mean while, he really needed Sarah, although, he knew he couldn't extend his visit long.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope that they can all work things out. :/

molly said...

I wonder what he's up too?

Holly said...

I'm hoping he'll be a good big brother.

ivyoaks said...

It would be great if he can help.

meg said...

Oh, I do hope they can be good brothers to each other.

Cait said...

Lucy definitely needs to see a doctor.

It's a Girl said...

a lot of tension.