Wednesday, March 9, 2011

how bad could it be

Spencer couldn't decide how he really felt about Gage. They texted a lot. Well, there was no one else to talk too. Except his brother, and he really didn't want to talk about Gage with Keith. Even if Keith asked ever so often about him.

Then there was the fact that Gage was always offering to bring something over from the deli at the grocery store where he worked. And it was nice, trying different salads, or the meatloaf, the macaroni and cheese. And they'd talk. Usually, boring things. Like which was better mayo or Miracle Whip. And where would you go if you ever had a million dollars. And of course, watch TV. They were friends. Yes, Spencer wanted to keep this as friends.

Although, there were some things Gage wouldn't talk about. Like where he lived. He'd leave and Spencer would wonder where he'd go.

"So where do you go?" Spencer got up the nerve to ask one night.

"Oh, you know. Around. Different places." Gage shrugged as if it were no big deal. Spencer learned Gage hadn't been home in a long time. His father didn't approve of his lifestyle. He'd lived with his sister for awhile, but that didn't last long. Her boyfriend didn't like him.

"I would get my own place, but the credit check, all that. Last time I checked I'd need someone to co-sign and well, I don't have anyone to co-sign." He didn't sound to sad about it.

"I dunno. Sleeping on someone's couch every night, or different couches for that matter..that would get old." Spencer thought.

"It could be worse." Gage told him. "I could be sleeping in the park, somewhere. Or a shelter. If worse comes to worse."

But Spencer didn't ask him to stay. He sort of wanted to. He wondered if Gage would want to stay. Maybe there was someone. Someone he wanted to see. Maybe all he was doing was making the rounds of all his friends.

Gage didn't have a car. He acted as if he didn't even need one. Maybe he didn't. Maybe this was the way he wanted things to be. But it troubled Spencer in his sleep. He'd wake up thinking of Gage more and more. And he stopped thinking of someone else less and less.


ellie said...

Its so good that Spencer cares about him.

molly said...

I like that Spencer is moving on, in a good way.

meg said...

I feel so sad for Gage. I hope Spencer can help him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Spencer is such a sweetie. :)

She is Sara said...

I think Spencer might be good for Gage.