Saturday, March 5, 2011

a little unknown secret

"Now, aren't you glad you're friends with me?" Benny teased Ali after she showed him around the radio station and the box where she did all her talking on the air waves.

"It would have never have happened if it hadn't be for you." She was almost doing the happy dance around him. "Really, I hope they don't hate me here." She finally let slip.

"Why would they hate you?" He followed her to the breakroom where the fancy coffee machines were.

"You know, most everyone has a degree in broadcast journalism here. I feel like I'm taking a job away from somebody." She sighed.

"Don't worry so much about that. It all starts with the voice, and if you know the right buttons to choose. Hey, I think you deserve it. I really do." He did her best to give her a pep-talk as he stared at the fancy contraption. He had no idea how to work the thing. This was definitely not what he'd find a profession in. As it was, it was either the comic book store or helping out at the Korean grill.

She got out cups then. Pushed a few buttons, and there was a creamy hot coffee drink waiting for him. He had foam all over his mouth in no time.

"So, how about you. You gonna move in with the professor guy?" She wanted to know once they found a table.

"Hadn't really thought about it. I'd be too much trouble." He shrugged.

"How?" She winced.

"I don't drive, for starters." He finally fessed up.

"Well, I can drive. I just don't have a car." Ali told him. "Thats the next thing I'm saving up for."

"How do you get here?" Benny wanted to know. Kieth had dropped him off.

"Public transportation. The bus." She said as if he should have guessed.

He hadn't thought of public transportation. Maybe he could move in with Keith.


Yesha said...

I can imagine her doing the happy dance. :))

Cafe Fashionista said...

The happy dance?! Haha! I love it! :)

Lux and Stan said...

So great they are still good friends. Benny seems to be growing into a better self.

Holly said...

Its good to see their friendship.

a book of short stories said...

I find that they can both learn from each other.

ellie's desk said...

Oh, I hope you don't mind what I did...

Cait said...

Sometimes, it can be so simple when you think its complicated.