Thursday, March 3, 2011

something to talk about

"I didn't think he was that religious," Spencer said after Casey left, and they were putting away the equipment.

"He's a bad-ass bastard as he ever was." Cory shook his head.

"Nina is kinda weird. Do you think she even liked him?" Spencer kept up the questions.

"Maybe he's good in bed." Benny made light of it, letting a little smile slip. Ali rolled her eyes to that.

"A part of me wants to tell him, he's fired. That we don't need him. But then again, he's the one who got us the weekend gigs at the club. He's just hard to have faith in, you know." Cory shrugged and Ali gave him a pat on the back. She reminded him they needed to pick his grandmother up from Bingo. She always wanted to play more than her limit that he allowed her. They'd surely be in the poor house if she got her way.

Really, it hadn't been bad having Ali around. She was good at getting his grandmother to take her meds and talking to her about her stories in the afternoon. His grandmother loved Days of our Lives. She was heartbroken when they canceled Guiding Light. Sometimes, she talked about these characters as if she'd known them all her life.

Cory was sure the day would come when she'd forget him, but would still know Beau and Hope. She talked about them constantly.

So this was the little spare time he got with Ali without his grandmother around.

"Maybe we can go by Target, first. Buy those wedges you want so bad." He knew she deserved something, putting up with the menagerie of his life.

Ali just smiled. Something to look forward too. She loved shoes.


ellie said...

Oh,! I like their conversation. And I hope things go well with his grandmother.

meg said...

Cory seems much more level headed than Casey. Thank Goodness.

molly said...

Oh boy, they all have their problems. But I do like Cory.

She is Sara said...

Aww I really like them together :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Cory seems like a good one. :)

Krystal said...

anyone who buys a girl shoes for putting up with him is a winner!

a book of short stories said...

I like that he's down to earth..funny, how they talked about casey.

Em [The Writer] said...

The ending was cute :)