Friday, June 3, 2011


Lucy couldn't quite comprehend it. Staring at Gage, wondering if it were just sleep, or something else. The machines begged to differ. Beeps went on. But there was nothing quite musical about them.

"I just saw him, you know." Lucy believed. "And he was fine." She told this to Spencer who hung on to her hug, a little longer. She couldn't help to get a little emotional. "He has to be all right." Of course, Gage talked to her in her mind about her world, not his. Not once did he mention the love of his life. She thought, she would be it.

How selfish she thought now, as she stared back at him. He'd really taken a fall that day when the truck ran him over. It hadn't phased her a bit. She'd been quite oblivious. Yet, a part of her thought maybe it was just her way of coping. Yes, she believed she was smarter than any of those doctors. Who would know herself, better than her?

"Can't they do something?" Her nose ran and so did the tears as she gazed at Gage. She took his hand then, hoping she could give him an electric charge of some kind, but she didn't. No, he didn't grip back. It was nothing. Yet she sensed his pulse.

A horrible pain surged, striking her lower back as if she might cave in, right on the bed. Lucy winced hard. It was happening. The baby.


cait said...

Its about time!

meg said...

Oh, I'm happy about the baby. Hope Gage comes around.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Finally! :)

griffin said...

I wondered if she'd always be pregnant.

ellie's desk said...

Oh boy..a baby!