Sunday, July 31, 2011

swimming in life

Keith felt confident enough now that Benny could get his license. Like yesterday. It was just odd that Benny didn't have an ID like that. Even stranger, going with someone to be carded for a drink, and it wasn't a real driver's license in his wallet. Really, Keith didn't know things could be done like that, but evidently so. After all, Benny had made it this far without a real driver's license.

He didn't want to push him, but someone had too. And lord knows, what he might be doing right now in that dungeon he'd lived in at his parents. This had to be progress. Had to be. Keith smiled, hoping he knew how this was going to go.

Benny would get his license. They'd find him a car. Then he could go to the University. Of course, Benny never took the ACT or the SAT. It was unbelievable to think Benny didn't have those tests scores. Who did things like that?

Still, Keith knew he needed to guide him through. He just hoped he wasn't rushing him. After all, Benny could be stubborn when he wanted too. But the driving was going so well. Benny made it down the interstate. They'd lingered at the lake. It was a nice day.

"I want you to keep driving." Keith said after they'd got back in the car. "Where to next?"

Benny gave Keith a silly grin. Keith didn't question him. Soon enough, they were back to town. Keith was beginning to think Benny was aimless and just wanted to aggravate him, going down this block then another. Practically waffling around town. Finally, Benny pulled into the graveled parking lot of Joe's Tattoos by the old bowling alley.

"Seriously?" Keith's brow furrowed. What were they doing here? Getting matching tattoos, he thought.

"Yeah, I kind of am." Benny bit his bottom lip. Keith wasn't so sure he was ready to do this. He needed to be on his way to being intoxicated before he let himself think of getting a tattoo. "I gotta an apprenticeship here."

"An apprenticeship?" Keith looked at him as if he didn't get it. How could he?

"Well, Joe likes my drawings. He's been looking at them ..since..since I was in high school." Benny shrugged.

"But..but you don't even have a tattoo." Keith reminded him.

"I know." Benny nodded. "Maybe its time I get one." Benny grinned. "Look, Joe wants to retire. Like a couple of years from now. And, and if I can learn this, like he thinks I can. Well, he wants to leave me, his business."

"Seriously?" Keith looked at the property, that was once a liquor store. It was so retro 70ish, a long building that could have been a dance hall. This was so unconventional. But then, he should have expected this from Benny.


ellie said...

Good for Benny.

Lead The Way said...

I hope that Benny can learn a thing or two from Keith, he seems like a great guy

meg said...

Awesome for Benny.

She is Sara said...

I think this is good for Benny!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Three cheers for Benny! :)

Florence said...

Yay for him!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, sorry for my late reply.
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