Friday, August 26, 2011

just a bit of confidence

"I just dunno how to do this." Spencer needed some help here from Benny and Keith. "Where would you go on a first date?"

Benny almost crossed his eyes thinking. As it was Benny got Keith back in the tattoo chair to operate. He'd been doing this well over a week, and Keith still was the reluctant one to get a tattoo.

"Some place nice, I think." Benny nodded. Spencer's pout fumed.

"Pizza and movie. Something casual." Keith shrugged, but flinched as soon as Benny touched his arm with his finger. Benny gazed at Keith, almost giggling.

"I won't hurt you, babe. I promise." Benny told him.

"I can't decide, what I want." Keith shook his head, no.

"Then I'll decide for you." Benny batted his lashes. He looked at Spencer for help then. "Come hold your brother's hand." He motioned.

Naturally, Spencer went to the other side of Keith to show support.

"No, not that hand. I need for you keep him still. Sit on him, if you have too." Benny ordered.

Keith gritted hard then. His body tensed to prepare himself. Spencer held on to his hand tight. As soon as Benny touched Keith with his tattoo pin, Keith passed out.

"Well, thats one way to get this done." Benny sighed and went to work on Keith's right bicep.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Passing out is definitely a good way to avoid the pain! :P

meg said...

Poor Keith! Benny is something.

mazzy may said...


FWB said...

Aw, the things you do for love.

Holly said...

That made me laugh.