Monday, January 9, 2012

I might not ever really know

"No. It has to be new. Something that isn't on recall." Sage did her homework. She'd checked online. They'd  found the right crib at the local department store. With the help of Casey giving directions, she and Gage put the crib together in Sarah and Ezra's new room which used to be Gage's.

Of course, Gage was a little worried they didn't have enough space in Sage's room. At the moment, they'd put two single beds together with a regular sized fitted sheet keeping them together. It would have to do. There were more important matters.

"So, you excited about being an uncle?" Gage wanted to know as he waited for the next step from Casey with the solid oak crib.

"Well, I'm gonna be a Dad." Casey sighed with a smile.

"When?" Sage wanted to know.

"Not until the end of summer." He sounded as if it were a long way off. She supposed it was.

"You must be excited." Sage nodded.

"I would be." Gage looked at Sage as if she too, had an announcement.

Sage choked on a cough, wondering what he was expecting.

Finally, they set up the bed and got it ready. A mobile included with soft animals. The room was finally coming together. The curtains were a dark blue. Sage wished she could change them out, but they might need them dark for sleep. Casey didn't stay long. They were alone, again, but down in her room. It was quite a mess. Gage's things mixed with hers.

"How should we do this?" Sage inspected the mess. It wasn't the biggest room.

"Maybe we should move in with Declan." Gage said ever so brightly. "He has a whole house."

"Um, no." She looked up at him.

"Have you heard from him?" He asked so innocently.

"No." She winced. "And I'm not going too. I dunno if ..if I should keep the car." She sounded as if she needed to return it. Although, she couldn't imagine Declan driving a pink car. "I guess I'll have to pay for it, some how." She hugged herself.

"I'll help you." He shrugged ever so happily, as if Declan would not be a downer for him.

She liked that idea of buying the car, but it still stung deep that she'd neglected Declan's feelings. He was such a sweet and passionate person. A part of her would never forget him, and yet she had.

"But we need things. We need a new bed. We need a good dresser. A place for our stuff." Gage put his arm around Sage. He looked around the room. No, there was nothing temporary on his mind. This might as well have been a gold mine. Sage smiled. He made her smile as she was engulfed with his warmth.


Cafe Fashionista said...

This is their year! :)

Sara said...

I think it's slowly coming along.

ellie said...

Looks like they are getting settled.