Friday, January 27, 2012

let me get what I want

River never socialized with the others. Instead, he liked having a cigarette, alone. It was cold out, but it didn't bother him much to lean against the back wall, outside the grocery store near the dumpsters. He looked up to see that fellow everyone seemed to think was him. Not that they'd met, exactly. Of course, he knew of him. And he'd watched him, trying to see how much they were a like. He didn't see it. Where did the confusion come from?

River took his time to dig in his pocket for his cigarettes. There were never really enough during the day, but he made do. Didn't have much, to begin with. In fact, he'd rolled these, himself. Possibly a conversational piece, but he didn't like talking about his cigarettes. He liked what he did to them, and he was definitely going to enjoy his smoke break.

"Can..can I talk to you?" River could see the hesitation in Gage's face, but River grinned.

"What about?" River was very good at his job. However, River was habitually late and was bored to death. Not that he would stock groceries anymore, but seriously he was waiting to move on. Some how. Preferably, some place warmer, where there were likeable people.

"Would you like to come to my house?" Gage came closer, as River lit his cigarette and held it tight between his lips. River let the smoke carry through him. It was smooth and a grin resided.

"And do what?" Questions. It was best to know what was really up with his so called doppelganger. Was this about something sensuous? He really didn't like the guessing.

"I dunno." Gage shrugged.

"You, coming on to me?" River licked the bit of tobacco from his dry bottom lip as he took a closer look at Gage.

"No. I'm not. But..but I think I know might interested in." Gage smirked.

"Oh, really?" River could barely hold in a laugh. He enjoyed his cigarette more. He could make Gage wait. River looked at the overcast. Just how lucky could he get today? "Who might that be?" River finally asked as he pursed his lips.

"Dunno, if you know him. He's been seeing this vegan, with dreadlocks." Gage shrugged as he stood next to him to get out of the cold.

"Oh, yeah?" River let the smoke escape his mouth. It was hard to tell the difference between the cold and smoke when he breathed out.

Of course, he only knew one person that fit Gage's description. River calmly smiled. He'd wondered what happened to Noah. They'd been tight. Or at least he thought so. Until now.


meg said...

River and Noah...hhhmmmmm...

Becky Tjandera said...

Thanks for your comment! You're good at this! :)

ellie said...

River is rather interesting. & now we know a little be about Noah, too.

W. said...

He's gonna be something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hmmm...I'm dying to see where this is headed. :/