Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting it done

"Painting?" River couldn't help but over react a bit. Why was Declan like this?

He wasn't jealous that Declan wanted to help out the moving situation with Sage. Still, River wished he could be more like Declan. Did they have any idea what a good friend he was?

He'd made sandwiches like Declan asked. It was all situated. Tuna on the left. Chicken on the right. He'd put in few bags of chips and home made brownies just because he enjoyed making them.

"Do I really have to go with you?" He leaned against the kitchen counter watching Declan look through the homemade goodies.

"Well, I..I think you should..if..if you aren't that busy." Declan looked at him wide eyed.

River wanted to stay in good graces.

"All right." River couldn't stand to leave things hanging. He hate for them to go to bed with Declan upset with him. He never thought of Declan ever getting mad, but upset.

He went over and ruffled Declan's mope of thick hair out of his face to get a good look at him.

"So we have to paint right now?" River wanted to know.

"I dunno. I'm just bringing over what we've got." He shrugged as if maybe he was tired. River rubbed his shoulders.

"You always over do it." River mentioned. He kissed Declan's cheek.

"No, I don't." Declan begged to differ.

"You, put everyone else to shame." River smirked. "They should be paying you." Declan hauled loads of crap out of Ezra's house all day. Some to the dump. Some to recyling and even some to be thrifted.

River could definitely think of better things they could be doing at the moment. A hot shower with Declan came to mind. But he knew they had to be put on hold.

"Well, come on. Lets get this done." River picked up the box of sandwiches and brownies. He just might get lucky tonight if he followed the rules. Besides, he supposed Declan's friends were his friends too.


ellie said...

Oh, ..that River..

Cafe Fashionista said...

It'll work out - he just has to think positively. :)

Chris Ed said...

Cool that River is coming with Declan!