Monday, October 1, 2012

in the pit fall

Ezra could feel a headache coming on as soon as he saw the mess at his mother's house. He hated to ask a dime from any of them... moving in here.

"I feel awful about it." Of course, he was sure that sounded trite and he wasn't doing a thing but standing there on the porch of the old Victorian house. It was lovely once with its wrap around porch when the hunter green paint was fresh and the bright pinks in the window facings made the place pop, but not it looked rather unusable. "Maybe this isn't a good idea, after all." He told Sage who was steadying a thick box in her hands on her way to Declan's truck that was backed up to the porch on the front lawn.

"No, it has to be done. It has to be." Sage reminded him. All this place needed was a little love she assured him. Of course, all he saw was the back breaking part of it.


"If there is something you want. Grab it." She told him they were taking the clothes to Lucy's. Perhaps she could see if anything might be vintage that she could sell at Todd's shop.

"Is there place big enough for all this stuff?" Ezra winced.

"She is choosey. Its just a little corner of the store." Sage shrugged as if she knew all about it.

"All right." He didn't want to fight her on this. It would be be best to let everything go. But then there were the piles of pictures of him when he was small. Pictures of his mother with him stuffed into old boxes. Ezra felt so defeated as he started to look through pictures. He kept hoping he'd find a picture of his father. He didn't know why he tried. His mother hated his father very much.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Ezra. :(

ellie said...

Its sad that his mother has done this.

mazzy may said...

I hope Ezra can find someway to connect.

Cait said...

poor Ezra...

MOSAMUSE said...

i feel bad for ezra :(