Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its a new year

Spencer looked back on 2012, hoping for fond memories. But there really weren't that many. Maybe meeting Bucky was the best part of the year.

Of course, there was the new year to think about. Wondering what he could do to make it better? He'd dropped out of the University for good. There was no going back, especially in Art. He wasn't inspired, anyway. And yet, he felt the livingroom needed a make over.

At first he thought paint might do the trick. Perhaps wipe away what used to be here, when Gage and everyone lived here. Now it was just the two of them, he and Bucky.

"I dunno, I'm thinking it looks fine, just the way it is." Bucky shrugged. After all, he was the 'if it ain't broke, no need to fix it' sort.

Spencer wanted something new and different. He'd already pulled down every baby picture of himself in the hall way. Not it just looked empty. He felt a little sad. Just what was missing in his life?

"We should have had a New Year's Party. That's what we should have done." Bucky looked at Spencer as if he was beginning to think he was no fun.

"You know, you have to stop drinking." Spencer laid this out for him more than once. Bucky wasn't exactly in tip top shape. He had gout in his big toe. Too much beer. Besides, Spencer definitely need to budget better. After all, Bucky wasn't working now. All he did was lay around. Usually, stinking up the place.

Naturally, Keith warned Spencer that Bucky needed to go. Spencer was beginning to see the light. If he wanted to get his life back in order, Bucky really needed to go, but it was easy to see this bum wasn't going anywhere.


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ellie said...

Yikes, What will he do if Bucky won't leave???

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope that nothing goes awry. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Spencer needs a new plan, he needs help getting Bucky out of there!