Thursday, January 3, 2013

throwing it out there

"He's  stuck. I just know it." Keith shook his head, after he got off the phone with Spencer.

Benny was feeding the baby a bottle. Again, there was no supper tonight. Time to dig into the frozen dinners again.

"I thought everything was fine." Benny handed over Hunter. He went to check on the wash, which was done and chugged it into the dryer.

"If only there were more hours in the day." Keith knew it was his fault. He should have looked out for his brother.

"Spencer will figure it out." Benny shrugged as if he had a lot more faith in Keith's little brother than Keith did.

"But..but he's all alone..with him. And who know what Bucky could possibly talk Spencer into." Keith couldn't stop thinking about that, even if  he loved,what was the most, in his arms.

"What are we suppose to do? Try our best to get Bucky out of the house while someone changes the locks," Benny said so randomly.

"I like it." Keith grinned. How in the world could they do it?

Keith burped Hunter, wishing this year he could possibly like the guys Spencer went out with. Of course, Bucky wasn't actually going out with Spencer. Bucky was definitely getting himself situated to stay longer than winter with Spencer.


Sara Gerard said...

That is what they need, a group effort to get him out! Hopefully they can pull it off.

mazzy may said...

Oh, it might take all of them to get Bucky out of there.

MOSAMUSE said...

i hope this works!

Marionetka Mody said...

nice :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks like the claws are about to come out. :/

Chris Ed said...

This will be difficult!