Saturday, January 5, 2013

winter problems

The holiday vacation just wasn't long enough.

Sarah and  Ezra spent a weekend away from Jake. Only she felt as if it had been a month. It was good to be home with him. She'd almost forgotten about seeing Craig. Honestly, she didn't want to think about him. She hoped he didn't know where they lived.

Of course, she'd asked her mother if Craig showed up at their place while they were off on their hotel holiday. Fortunately, not a word from him. She was beginning to think he might be a figment of her imagination now.

"Well, just be..civil..if he does show up," Ezra said as if that were the only thing to do.

"What's he ever done for me?" She winced as if she hated the thought of Craig showing up.

"He's given money to Todd, who gave it to you." Ezra reminded her that he wasn't a complete dead beat.

She sucked in a breath not wanting to think about it. She had not used any of Craig's money for Jake. It was tucked away in a savings account.

"Just stay calm." Ezra's smile was a little silly.

She wasn't sure if she could. Honestly, she felt certain Craig could make her psycho. Sarah didn't want to dare think it. But it was as if one person could push that button to turn her into a monster. Now she was concerned for her own mental health with him around.

"We'll get through it. You'll see. It won't be that bad." Ezra looked at her as if she needed to stop thinking the worst. Of course, he'd made a pot of cheese broccoli soup. Her favorite. She had all her favorites around her. She woudn't dare let one bad apple spoil everything.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope she survives his presence. :/

ellie said...

I hope she can forgive him..a little..anyway.

Chris Ed said...

I hope se will be ok!