Monday, January 7, 2013

none the less

"He hasn't even said yes, right?" Declan looked at Allie as if she didn't even have a problem to worry about with Craig.

"Yeah, but what's he gonna do?" She looked at a loss of some sort as they set at the diner sharing a piece of lemon creme pie.

"That's a good question." Declan shrugged. "I mean, who's gonna hire him in this town?" He winced thinking everyone knew he was bad news. Especially, after the high tech fiasco at the bank that sent Sarah to jail. "But, maybe he's changed."

Declan listened to where Craig had been over seas. Maybe someone would give him a chance. Maybe he was a lot more brave than what anyone gave him credit for.

"I just don't like him." She confessed.

"I understand." Declan forked another bit of the creamy sensation. "Its kind of strange that Cory would want to do this, but still, thats really generous of him. You know, about the basement."

Allie sucked in a breath as if she thought Cory was good to want to do this.

"It just..might be..beneath him..though. You know, Craig seems to be the type, who only wants the best." She described the basement as sort of a bare to the bones, man cave.

"I dunno. He might settle for whatever he can get." Declan waited for Allie to take her scoop of the pie.

Allie nodded as she savored her spoonful of pie.

Naturally, Declan wasn't one to gossip, but when he was Allie, he might talk about everything. This included how he felt about Sage's pregnancy and the doubt that Gage would never marry her.


MOSAMUSE said...

at least he has someone to be open and honest with

ellie said...

I'm glad he has Allie to talk to.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Declan is lucky to have Allie in his life. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think Allie is smart, she should speak up more often.