Sunday, February 24, 2013

down and out

Sarah was certain Craig would be at work when they had the impromptu baby shower for Allie. Actually, she hadn't even thought of him being there. She hadn't seen him since her wedding. In spite of Ezra mentioning him all the time about coming to dinner, it would never happen. Out of sight, out of mind.

Honestly, all she could think about was the cake and decorations, which Sage took care of. Honestly, she didn't have too much to worry about. She had Ezra there to take care of the baby. It was a small affair. Just the band and Lucy who brought lots of boxes of pizza.

It was all going to be fun, but then she saw Craig hanging back in the kitchen. He was with his brother Todd who was drinking beer while Craig looked liked the designated driver of some sort.

"What's he doing here?' She asked Lucy right away, who was in usual Stevie Nick's attire. There were even daisies in her hair.

"Well, he lives here." Lucy looked at her as if that was nothing new.

"But he's suppose to be at work." Sarah winced harder as if this was going to be horrible.

Before she knew it, Ezra was with Todd and Craig. He handed over Jake to Craig, who was happy to hold him. Next thing she knew, Craig was gone with him.

Sarah couldn't scurry to the kitchen, fast enough.

"What are you doing?" She looked at Ezra as if he'd lost it.

"He needed his pamper changed. Craig said he'd do it." Ezra looked at her with not even a smart mouth. "It'll be OK."

She hated this. She didn't trust him. She didn't want Jake to have a thing to do with him, but Jake went to him as if Craig might be Ezra's best friend. Sarah looked around. There was laughter in the air. It was a regular party. This was for Allie and the baby, and she was upstairs with her newborn.

Sarah fumed. No way, could she let Craig go off with Jake. Ezra offered her, her favorite iced tea. He's already gotten her a veggie plate with the yogurt dill dip. She looked at him as if he might be useless at the moment.

 She raced downstairs to Criag's room. There the two were, Jake in the crook of Craig's arm. He was sitting in the old recliner with Jake watching a soccer game.

"What are you, doing?" She could hardly stand to see them this close.

"Watching sports." He told her he thought it was getting a little loud upstairs. Jake was fine with him. He held on to Craig's thumb. It was as if Craig was an instant pacifier. Jake wasn't cranky, only calm. It was as if he knew a secret only Sarah could guess, and she didn't want too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Sarah; such a confusing time for her. :/

ellie said...

Its sweet seeing Craig with the baby. I hope Sarah will be OK with these two together.

meg said...

I'm actually happy for Craig right now. I hope she'll understand.

MOSAMUSE said...

i feel bad for sarah

mazzymay said...

Definitely a harsh reality for Sarah.

Sara Gerard said...

Craig! Don't get Sarah angry! She has been through enough.