Sunday, July 14, 2013

berry picking time

berry pick'n time

"OK, its not exactly a date, I know." Spencer said before he even thought of it. He and Connor were both low on cash these days, and besides, Sage said the raspberries and black berries needed to be picked in her back yard.

She was busy with the baby. And Gage had his classes. So here they were in the middle afternoon.

Connor winced in the hot sun. It was humid too, and he'd wore a black tank. Before Spence knew it, he had it off and tossed on some vines. Spence politely took it off the thorns.

"You're gonna wished you'd warn a flannel shirt before this is over." Spencer warned him. He was prepared with an iced water bottle, buckets and even gloves..and yes, a flannel shirt too. He looked as if he might have been a beekeeper.

"Why?" Connor looked back at him as if picking berries was not exactly on his mind.

"You've never picked black berries, obviously." Spence fluttered his lashes as if this was not the time nor the place to get cozy. Before he knew it, Connor was feeding him red raspberries, or possibly just throwing them at him. He laughed when Spence told him to stop it.

This was serious. They would pick the berries. Freeze them, and then Sage would show them both how to make jam.

"Well, what do we get out of all of this?" Connor looked a little hurt with a smashed berry in his hand.

"Nothing." Spence sighed. "Other than being good people and helping out a friend....and learning how to make jam."

"I see." Connor sort of made a face that was kind of amusing, as he tried to focus on the berries. There were a lot of them. He went for the raspberries while Spence took to the thorny black berries.

Before he knew it, Spence punctured himself on a thorn. It didn't take long for the sweat to spread down his neck into the length of his back. It was miserable out here.

"Why did we come now?" Connor looked at Spencer.

"Because, you like to sleep til twelve and the mosquitoes come out by six in the evening." After all, Spence was working his morning at the nursing home. All he could think about was hoping to have a cool shower with someone when he got home. He knew Connor would like that, but he wouldn't mention it, a moment too soon.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Nothing sweeter than berry picking! :)

ellie said...

Oh, those two. I think they are good together.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw! What a sweet idea! A cute way to spend time together.

MOSAMUSE said...

aawww super sweet and cute