Thursday, July 18, 2013

finding a change


Connor felt like he wasn't doing much. Sure, he was picking raspberries, but he thought he should be helping Spencer with the blackberries. Even if they were small, those were the best tasting berries. He guessed, he'd probably eat too many.

So, he let Spencer have at it. He turned his back to him as the sweat poured off of him. Honestly, he couldn't remember sweating so much. Of course, when he looked back at Spencer, one would have thought he was dancing with those thorns like a balancing act of some kind.

"OH MY GOD." Spence jumped back.

"What is it?" Connor came to his rescue before he even knew it. He stepped in front of him.

"There is something under all those thorns." Spencer was practically shaking.

What did he mean? Connor winced, hoping it wasn't a body or something.

"I think I've..picked enough berries." Spencer decided.

"I want to see what it is." Connor looked at him as if they couldn't just walk away.

Spencer only sighed ever so heavily.

"It growled." Spence finally admitted.

"Well, maybe its hurt." Connor couldn't walk away if their was a dog trapped under that big bush.

'Just leave it alone. Maybe..maybe Gage and Sage have..have a dog." Spencer shrugged.

"They would not let it out in this heat." Connor shook his head. He was going in. He had to save that dog. Maybe it was time to start hacking those thrones away. He reached in his back pocket for his Boy Scouts knife.

"I need your shirt." He wasn't wearing one.

"What are you, going to do?" Spence looked at him as if he must be crazy.

"Well, I'm not going to let it die out here." Connor informed him.

Spence rolled his eyes as if maybe he was being a hero just a little too much for his own good. Spencer gave it up. Connor buttoned up quickly and went for the task. Whacking away at those thorns in the way.

Naturally, something kept growling. Then he saw the sad eyes.

"Its OK, boy," Connor said. Honestly, the mut was practically brown in dust.

"What ..if its a girl?" Spencer reminded him, but Connor paid no mind. His hand reached out ever so carefully. Before he knew it, the pup was licking his fist.

"We need water." Connor was going to be ever so careful. He'd been waiting for this day to have a dog around. And he certainly aimed to keep this one.


Caitlin and Megan said...

Aw..I'm glad he likes dogs.

ellie said...

He is an animal lover.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely adore him for saving that pup! :)

Sara Gerard said...

AW! They saved a puppy!

MOSAMUSE said...

aw sweet!